What Skin Care Products to Pack for Spring Break

Spring break is upon us and you may be struggling to figure out which skin care products to take with you. You are most likely going somewhere warm, so the warm weather can be a huge shock to your skin. Here are some recommended products to take with you on your trip.

If you plan on tanning on the beach, make sure to pack lots of sunscreen in order to protect your skin from the UV rays. A common misconception is that you cannot get tan while wearing sunscreen. This is not true. Sunscreen is needed in order to prevent you from getting burned, but overtime, you can still get color.

Sudden hot weather can cause your skin to sweat an excessive amount. This can dry out and irritate your skin. Make sure to pack your moisturizer. Our Ultimate Rich Face Cream is the perfect product to bring because it is very portable and can be applied anywhere you go!

Lastly, remember you cleanser! Your spring break might be packed with fun activities. As you sweat, if you are wearing makeup, your pores can get very clogged. It's important to wash your face at the end of the day and ensure your skin is fresh and clean.

Enjoy your break, but don't neglect your skin care.