Spring Equinox + International Day of Happiness!

On March 20th, spring will officially be here! After a long, cold winter, you might be anxious to finally be in the sun and warm weather again. The spring equinox is when the sun crosses the plane of the equator towards the relevant hemisphere, making day and night of equal length. For many, spring is a chance to revamp your daily routine and clean up your mentality, hence the phrase "spring cleaning."

The first day of spring is also International Day of Happiness! This day is meant to recognize the importance of mental health. We need to remember to take care of our bodies and our minds! Take this day to start fresh. If you haven't been taking care of your skin, use our Frontliner Mask + Scrub to freshen up your skin, making you feel clean and revived! 

Hopefully, the warm weather and bright sunlight will allow you to feel motivated to improve your daily life and feel happy, healthy and clean!