The Benefits of Using A Face Mask

It's time to sit back, relax, apply your favorite face mask and binge watch your favorite show. Using face masks can be extremely beneficial to your skin. Although it is not a daily use product, wearing a face mask twice a week can make a huge difference. Face masks have the power to pull our impurities, remove excess oils, and improve the appearance of your pores. 

Our Frontliner Mask + Scrub is especially effective because it is a two-in-one product! It removes dead skin cells and cleans out your skin while also exfoliating. In addition, it prevents future breakouts and soothes irritation and inflammation. This product consists of Kaolin Clay, which is a non-drying natural clay that detoxes and refreshes your skin. Plant-based cellulose is also there to gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin. 

Do not neglect your face mask products. They are also a very important part of your skin care routine, even though they are not to be applied daily. Improve your skin's texture by taking the time to relax and unwind with a face mask.