Spring into Fresh Skin!

The Spring season is approaching! This means you may have to revamp your skin care routine to fit the warm, sunny weather. Is your skin dry from the winter season and you fear it will be difficult to achieve that glowing look that you've always wanted? No worries! Follow these tips and tricks to adjust your routine and improve your skin.

First off, protect you skin from the sun! You may think the sun will cause your skin to glow, but in reality, it can be very damaging. The sun has ultraviolet rays that can burn the melanin on your skin. You should always wear SPF before stepping out into the sun. This will prevent you from getting sun damage, which can wrinkle and age your skin. 

Since the winter weather causes your skin to be very dry and pale, make sure you are using your moisturizer and face oil. Our products are made with natural ingredients that will hydrate your skin and add pigment. Our Ultimate Rich Face Cream is made with three types of hyaluronic acids. These will moisturize and plump your skin to give you back the glow you've been missing in the winter. By adding our Superfood Facial Dew afterwards, you could provide your skin with important vitamins and minerals. 

Get excited for the Spring season because you are about to transform your skin!