Skincare Routine Hacks

Top 5 skincare hacks that you wouldn't have thought of before reading this! 

1. Wrist Towels 

Tik Tok is the place to be for trends so that's exactly where the term "wrist towels" came from. Do you ever get water all down your arms while washing your face? Well this hack prevents just that! You can use scrunchies, sweatbands, or even purchase actual wrist towels. You just slide them onto your wrist and it helps prevent the water from sliding down your arm. 

2. Measure Out Your Sunscreen On Your Fingers

As we all know it is extremely important to wear sunscreen, but many dermatologists claim those who are wearing it aren't applying enough. The easiest way to measure how much sunscreen you should be applying on your face is by using your pointer, middle, and ring finger. Apply the sunscreen to those three fingers then apply to your face for the correct amount. 

3. Icing Your face 

Using an ice roller can be beneficial for your skin. "Ice facials" as many call it can help prevent puffiness, redness, dull skin, and even help prevent & treat acne. 

4. Steps To Avoid Your Neck From Aging 

Remember while you are doing your skincare routine you must include your neck as well. A way to prevent neck lines from appearing is you remember when you are doing your skincare always go in an upward motion never down. As well as applying sunscreen daily SPF of 35 or higher. 

5. Clean Your Cell Phone

Anything that goes outside then comes back near or on your face needs to be disinfected. Think about the amount of germs we encounter each and everyday that is now transferred onto our face. Our phones are especially dirty, there are said to be 25,127 bacteria per sq inch, making our phone one of the dirtiest things we come in contact with daily.