Up Your Self Care Game by Adding These Elements to Your Skincare Routine

The need for a good self care routine is real right now, which is why I love the idea of incorporating it not just into its own separate experience, but into my skincare routine. I’ve been doing this since halfway through quarantine, and it’s truly been a godsend. It’s a way of taking a moment for myself morning and evening to sort of check in mentally with myself. Instead of just speeding through the process of cleansing, moisturizing, etc., I’m able to take 5-10 minutes to chuck my phone in another room and be more present while taking care of myself both mentally and physically. Here are some of the ways that I’ve made doing my skincare routine more of a self care ritual.

Lighting a candle/turning on a diffuser

I know this one sounds so simple, but I’m a very sensory-oriented person and putting on my essential oil diffuser while taking care of my skin really allows me to break away from anything that was bothering me. I love using peppermint essential oil in the morning because I feel like it energizes and wakes me up. In the evening I like to use either lavender essential oil or this calming blend called Happy Vapors from Brooklyn Herborium.

Adding music or soundscapes

Also another super simple one, but in combination with the diffuser, my bathroom becomes a whole mood when I add this in. What I listen to really depends on the day and my mood or if I’m trying to relax or hype myself. 

Doing a facial massage while cleansing or applying face oil

Once I get my diffuser going, I start in with a gentle facial massage while I’m applying my cleanser. Not only is this relaxing before chilling out for the night, but it also helps depuff in the mornings. Some people like to use a jade roller, but I prefer to use an ice roller in the mornings (without cleanser) and my hands in the evening.

Doing a 10 minute mask twice a week

Once or twice a week, I’ll add a ten minute mask into my evening skincare routine. I’ll either take this time to go lay down or I’ll meditate for ten minutes—something I struggle to do daily, but feels doable when it’s a couple times each week.

Talking to myself

I’m sure many of us are talking to ourselves more since we’ve been spending all this time at home, but while I’m adding steps like toner, facial oil, and moisturizer, I tell myself what I like about me. It can be physical attributes or emotional/personality traits. Sometimes it’s just thinking the thoughts, and other times it’s actually saying it to myself in the mirror.