Mushrooms are the Secret to Perfect Skin

Mushrooms? We all had the same reaction, but mushrooms are actually really useful when it comes to our skin. Mushrooms are extremely hydrating mimicking what hyaluronic acid would do for our skin. Mushrooms are high in vitamin D and when applied topically, they help shrink breakouts and treat acne.

Shiitake mushrooms can be used for anything from an exfoliant to an anti-inflammatory. Shiitake mushrooms increase skin’s elasticity and are used to brighten the skin, fade sunspots, and fade acne scars. 

Reishi mushrooms are used for anti-aging.

Pine mushrooms instantly improve skin’s luminosity with this powerful ingredient that moisturizes, boosts cell renewal, and fights free radicals. Our Triple Hyaluronic Acid Essence Toner includes three types of Hyaluronic Acid draw in plumping skin-quenching hydration after you cleanse, while our Triple-Plant Moisture Complex with Cicer Seed Extract, Pine Mushroom, and Chrysanthemum Leaf enhances cell renewal for skin that looks truly radiant.

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