How to Protect Aging Skin from Colder Weather

Jack Frost doesn’t just nip—he often bites! Aging skin still needs to be protected, if not MORE when the temperatures get colder. Let's learn some tips on keeping your skin hydrated and calm through the colder seasons!

Harsh, colder weather can be particularly damaging to sensitive, older skin. Freezing temperatures can strip skin of its vital moisture, leaving it prone to itching, cracking, and bleeding. Aging skin is more susceptible to skin disorders. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner, drier and more fragile.


  • Moisturize regularly - Aging skin loses moisture much more easily, and dryness is a direct cause of many types of skin conditions. While lotion may provide enough protection for some, older users might want to look for heavier creams or ointments. Look for emollient moisturizers, and be careful of lanolin, which may be sensitive to some people.
  • Stay hydrated Your skin can get dehydrated too! Just because it's colder weather, doesn't mean you should skip the fluids and staying hydrated. We recommend up to 8 glasses of water a day for your skin to find hydration from within.
  • Take care when bathing - As satisfying as a steamy shower could be on a cold day, your skin could be at risk. Prolonged exposure to piping hot water can actually strip the skin of moisture and its natural oils. Shower with warm water and use milder soaps and other shower/bath products to minimize skin irritation. 
  • Bundle up - Make sure to cover your exposed skin as much as possible when you're going out in cold temperatures. Dress in warm layers and insulating jackets to prevent painful, chapped skin that can take a longer time to heal.
  • Embrace humidity - Room humidifiers can add moisture back to dry, artificially-heated air. This can benefit any dry skin you may have, and also soothe dry and inflamed airways and scratchy eyes. Be sure to keep your humidifier clean from bacteria and mold. 
  • Wear sunscreen - We've said it once and we'll say it again - SPF is an all-year round skincare product! Just because the sun may not be shining one day, UV rays are still apparent and can harm skin. When there's snow, UV rays can also reflect off of the ground and cause damaging sunburns as well.

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