How to Achieve the 'Dewy Look'

As spring approaches, you may want to have glowing, dewy skin that will reflect off of the spring sun. It can be difficult for our skin to glow after experiencing very dry weather, but don't lose hope! There are many methods you can use to get the dewy look.

First off, moisturize! It is very important that you moisturize, even before putting on your makeup. You want your skin to constantly stay hydrated. So after you cleanse your face, moisturizer should always follow. 

Our Superfood Facial Dew is the perfect way to make your skin glow. After applying moisturizer, face oil has the ability to smoothen and hydrate your skin. A little goes a long way with this product, so it will last you a very long time!

Achieve the dewy look by using face oil and moisturizer! Soon enough, you'll be glowing like the sun.