How can People’s Beauty be so affordable if it uses premium ingredients?

EVELYN SAYS: We got tired of seeing all the best quality products be so inaccessible due to high prices. People’s Beauty’s goal is to provide the very best and most effective formulations, using clean ingredients and high concentrations of valuable active ingredients.

We want to make the PB skincare routine accessible to as many people as possible. We are able to do so because we use in-house chemists and don’t pay high fees to third parties.  We also formulated our products without ingredients that we deem toxic and unhealthy, as well as ingredients that serve no purpose that other brands use for marketing purposes and to raise costs. We sell straight to our customers, without the high markups a retail store would add, so that we can accomplish our goal of giving more people access to quality skincare. 

*Evelyn is our co-founder and in-house esthetician. Read more about how she developed People’s Beauty here.